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Oh Gad! book launch April 2012. (Photo by Zahra Airall/ByZIA Photography)

What was your mission in writing the book (Oh Gad!)?

“I don’t really write with a mission. I’m driven by the things that unsettle me, the things that make me curious; that sense of discovery is a part of my process, I think, that sense of surprise when you think the characters are going to make certain choices, the story is going to go a particular way and it veers down an unexpected path. I write because of the questions I can’t shake, from how to deal with grief and situations that just floor you, to how to get inside of things when you feel like you’re always on the outside looking in. I write from the dark and light spaces inside me. I write because I want to know these people, because they vex and enthrall me, because I crush on them or desire to understand them. And situations that concern me – family, grief, the cynicism of politics, the casualties of the tug of war between preservation and development, the thin line between mental stability and instabilty etc etc as well as the things that bring me joy, music, sunsets, the rhythm of my island – bleed into the process.”

From 2012 interview at Unheard Words .

“Hillhouse’s work gives a descriptive and poignant look at the Antiguan culture.” – Christopher Beale (Antigua and Barbuda Island Guide, 2008)

To purchase my books, go here; and click the ABOUT section above to learn more about my writing career and creative exploits on the one hand, and paid services as a freelance writer and editor on the other. Looking for information on the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize writing programme  I run in Antigua and Barbuda? Go here.


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