Oh Gad! excerpt

The old woman was visibly upset when they showed up in the Valley; tears that wouldn’t spill over standing out in her eyes. Nikki was ashamed of any part she’d played in bringing this fresh pain.

“She didn’t have nothing to do with this,” Tanty greeted, fiercely.

“I know,” Nikki said. And she did.

“They drag her outa here like some criminal,” Tanty fumed. “Again!”

“I’m sorry,” Nikki said.

“What yuh sorry have to do with me, eh?” Tanty said, too agitated, it seemed, to keep still. “What yuh sorry have to do with me?!” She was practically jumping out of her skin. Nikki stepped back…

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Amazon Reader Review: “In addition to giving us the story of Nikki’s finding herself, the reader is given a look into the Antiguan culture. The dialect is wonderfully written and rolls off the mental tongue while reading it. The book also touches on the
subject of developing the country and its effects on the people who live there.”