For Women: In Tribute to Nina Simone

I debuted a story called Sexy Sadie at Expressions Poetry in the Pub (Antigua-Barbuda) some time ago. That story was picked from several submissions by Debra Powell-Wright, editor of a new collection of stories funded by the Leeway Foundation, and inspired by and celebrating African American musical icon Nina Simone. Ask me how much I love Nina Simone? Ask me how psyched I am to be part of a collection celebrating her? No, seriously, ask me? Or better yet, give Nina a listen.

Anyway, this is the cover of the collection with cover art by Toni Kersey.

Cover resized

It’s a very limited run. I have no online link for you but I am trying to get Antiguan and Barbudan bookstores to carry it; if there’s enough of a demand, the editor for whom this project has been a laour of love, might even be positioned to order a second print run. If the bookstores opt out and I have enough of a local demand with advance payment, I may opt in. If they do place orders, and I hope they do, I’ll post an update so you know how to get For Women: In Tribute to Nina Simone in Antigua and Barbuda. Other bookstores, if interested, let me know and I’ll pass on the ordering info to you.

Either way I just wanted to share the news.

Little ripples, right?

UPDATED! I wanted to share this blog on the book by another contribution and to endorse her assertion that: “It’s been a long time in
the making, a true labour of love for Debra who has single-handedly dealt with
everything ranging from submissions to editing, and from printing to
distribution and – modesty aside – I believe it deserves a  wider readership
than will be afforded by the limited print run.”

UPDATED, AGAIN! I’m happy to report that Antiguan and Barbudan bookstore the Best of Books has placed a small order. So copies will be available in Antigua and Barbuda.