Blogging the Book

One of the things I’ve been grateful for is the bloggers and sites who’ve helped me get the word out about Oh Gad! by hosting me in some way. One of the first was Charmaine Valere who months before the book was released posted an excerpt at her site Signifying Guyana:

“He woOh Gad coverre a navy suit with a pale greyish-blue silk tie and paler still blue shirt in the warm evening. While she couldn’t fault his taste, it was something else – in addition to the enormity of him, not fat but tall, a man with heft and presence – that made him stand out from the others in the dirt yard around him. The other men had long ago chucked their cheap, ill-fitting jackets, which ranged from trendily colourful to dark and dour, and rolled up their sleeves.  He though was as unwrinkled as if the day had not even begun. There was no sign that he’d sat in a too-narrow, hard-bottomed and straight-backed pew, stood too long at a squishy grave site, grieved or sweated.”

Read more or buy the book and read it all.