*singing off key* to dream the impossible dream

This is this morning’s entry from my ‘happiness journal’ (don’t ask :-))

My conscious mind says no it’s not possible, there’s not enough time and the only thing that makes me determined to try is that stubborn desire not to give up that has got me through many a challenge. But even as I struggle with the impracticalities of the challenge (it would be one thing if I had time to give it my full attention, but come on!) my sleeping mind (and you have to understand that I’m like a cranky baby who fights sleep at every turn and is crankier still from sleep deprivation) wakes up each time with a new idea (the link between sleep with its rejuvenative power and creativity exists apparently, who knew) and it doesn’t seem so impossible…not if I start the story here instead of there, and they have this conversation instead of that…the scenes dance around my head, the ideas pop up and it’s all I can do to grasp them…and yeah I’ll have to do some more research to colour in the world but I’m awake to the possibility and looking forward to continuing to transform this story into what it can be. Knock on wood I’ll get it done before the window of opportunity (damned publishing schedules!) closes. Happy to try.

So obviously, the moral of the story is, I should sleep more.

sleeping shot