Sadie takes a chance on love

Excerpt from Sexy Sadie, short story published in For Women: In Tribute to Nina Simone, 2012, Black Classic Press & MZWrightNow Productions (USA)

Come Saturday night, Sadie slipped into the sheath, immediately feeling like a different woman. She looked good. She went so far as to shave her barely-seen legs, and lotion up everywhere – with Jergens not cooking oil. She even went online to figure out how to get her locks to stay up, Nefertiti style. When she knocked at the door of her date for the night, her sister, and Bobby whistled, the kind of whistle Sadie hadn’t heard in a good long while, she giggled, finding she’d missed it.

“Oh no no no, Sadie,” her sister said, “a dress like that deserves a face.”

And so she found herself in their bedroom at the very edge of her sister’s bed as her twin stood over her, angling her face this way and that. Sadie wasn’t worried, her sister was never over done and was always quick to criticize the “clown make-up” some other women wore. When finally she brought her a mirror, Sadie stared for a long time at her face, not recognizing it. Yes, it was still broad and flat and black, but it was also beautiful. She’d never noticed that before and her skin was the colour of top soil, rich and deep, and beautiful. Why had she never noticed that before? Or was this a new development?

Well, if it was a fantasy, a fairytale, then she would go all the way, playing Cinderella to her fair prince – well, her dark, dread locked, tall and rangy prince. So what, he didn’t know he was her prince? He was smart; he’d figure it out.

Maybe it was the fantasy or the dress with its magic powers that made her, having drawn the eyes of everyone in the Crystal Palace Ballroom at Royals, and a few cat calls as well, stride purposefully up to him and ask him for a dance.

For a moment, she worried he would say no and she’d have to walk back across the room everyone watching…

Does Sadie make the walk of shame? Read the story in For Women: In Tribute to Nina Simone to find out. Cover resized