Owning it

Just came across this communication I had with another writer across the water…

Other writer: I think it is time I interviewed you about all your accomplishments and time I read your books…

Me: “…any time you’re ready re interview. Not exactly accomplished though, still hustling, trying to make things happen.”

Other writer: “Girl, three novels is accomplished indeed.”

When I looked at this exchange just now, it occurred to me how often me/we deflect positive attention for fear of seeming arrogant or perhaps as a reminder to ourselves that we’ve not arrived, not by far. The minute you start to think that way, you stop pushing yourself, right? But it gave me pause as well because I/we spend so much time especially in these challenging times, piling on re our failures and maybe letting people in our heads in unproductive ways, letting them get us off our game a little bit.  I’ve asked myself many times recently, how did I get here, and have owned that the challenges I’m experiencing are my own doing, result of the choices I’ve made…but which of those choices would I go back and do-over if I could…I’m not sure I would change any of them because they’ve landed me here and yes here there be challenges but here there be some achievement as well…so, I remind myself, being woman enough to own it isn’t just about owning your missteps, it’s about owning your strides as well. I’m posting this here as a reminder to myself …to own it, all of it, the bad …and the good.

And to the longsuffering friend who is always telling me this very thing…I hear you.