Writing Goal

Anyone who knows me or my writing patterns knows that I don’t like to share before I’m done. But with everything else going on the creative process sometimes gets pushed to the back of the lines. Who has time to seek out characters and investigate plot threads when there are bills to be paid. I do schedule writing time everyday but if I’m being honest, I don’t always honour it. I’ve done writing groups,  workshops etc etc and they work for the time that I’m there but once I’m here real life sucks me back in. So then I came across this…here…

“Commitment Publicly to a Writing Goal and Ask for Accountability

As a coach, I know that to make long lasting positive changes, we need structure and accountability. Over the past year, I’ve seen many writers use their virtual networks (as well as face to face ones) to get support in meeting an important writing goal. Editor, author advocate and She Writes publisher, Brooke Warner publicly announced her intention of finishing a book by a certain date. She also asked for support to help keep her accountable while writing and this request yielded wonders!

What’s one writing goal you’d consider announcing publicly and asking for accountability?”

I’m not a fan of this kind of thing. Buuuuttt…it gave me the idea to push myself to make new writing happen every week by sharing a newly written sentence (ideally from the book in progress) at least with whoever follows these pages. So, like how I do the Wadadli Pen Blog Post of the week on my facebook, I’m going to attempt the Jhohadli new novel sentence of the week. Will it work, who knows? It goes against every instinct I have, this premature sharing. But if it challenges me to make time for the creative process even when it’s not convenient – not forcing it (because I don’t believe in doing that) but – making it a priority, maybe I’ll get a rhythm going and that’d be a good thing. And isn’t that what I ask the writers I coach to do?

Anyway, I’ll try it for a month. So, you can check in every Friday in May to see how this little experiment goes.

Oh, you should read the rest of the linked post from which this idea was drawn, some good tips and teachable experiences there.