Education as a factor in social mobility in The Boy from Willow Bend

If academic papers are being written about my books, I don’t come across them a lot…or ever. There are the reviews, of course, but an academic paper exploring specific issues and linking them to larger social realities is a different animal altogether. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn of such a paper when contacted for an interview by Vigimaris Nadal-Ramos, owner of Editorial Narra, Inc. in Puerto Rico. She was preparing a presentation using my book, The Boy from Willow Bend, for her Caribbean Children’s Literature course at the University of Puerto Rico, where she is a student. Nadal-Ramos, who also teaches at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico, has given permission for me to share her paper – on education as a factor in social mobility in The Boy from Willow Bend – with you. I appreciate her for sharing and for this: “I truly enjoyed reading, and later, studying your book.”

The Boy from Willow Bend - COVER.p65

Here’s the paper Article.The Boy from Willow Bend.Vigimaris