It’s free!
But you must apply by submitting a letter of interest to jhohadli@gmail.com Spaces are limited. Those selected to participate will have their tuition covered by members of the business community (Dr. Jillia Bird, Brenda Lee Browne, Caribbean Water Treatment, Paper Clips, Sanhall, Shirley Heights Lookout, Townhouse Mega Store & counting)

It’ll stimulate your creativity!
The project is meant to mentor young Antiguan and Barbudan writers; and for one week in Antigua in summer will provide activities designed to get you writing, and opportunities to share and uplift your writing.

You must be between 8 and 17 to participate!
This is not a Wadadi  Pen project BUT I did use the ages of the most promising writers of the two junior sections as a guide. If you fall within this age range, register now if you want to be a part of the JSYWP.

It’s a late summer pick-me-up!
After Carnival, before school resumes; that’s where this programme will fit. Set in St. John’s, it will give us the opportunity to use the pulse of the city to enliven our writing.

 You may qualify if…

  • You are between 8 and 17, based in Antigua, and have a genuine interest in building your creative writing skills.
  • You submit a letterattesting to that interest, need, and demonstrating some of that writing savvy ASAP

This letter will help me select those who could most benefit based on the available spots (which are very, very limited), so make it good; and, while there’s no cut off deadline as yet, the sooner you can get those letters in the better.

As I always say, I’m a fellow student, learning even as I pass on what I’ve learned. For more on me, explore the site, beginning with this bio.

Pledged partners to date are Townhouse Megastore, Shirley Heights Lookout, Sanhall, Paperclips, Caribbean Water Treatment, Brenda Lee Browne, Dr Jillia Bird, and anonymous; with additional sponsorship by St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union and the Best of Books. Additional partners are being sought so that more spots can be offered. If you’d like to be added to this list, contact me.

Coming soon! Where and When will this be held…hint, it’ll be late summer in St. John’s City. More to come.