JudyBlumeThis is what came up when I did a recent Amazon search for my book Oh Gad! It makes me happy to see my book in the same search result, on the same page as a book that was a favourite of mine as a teen and remains a classic young adult coming of age fiction, especially for young girls…Now I’ve never met Judy Blume though I did once attend a joint reading she did in NYC with Tayari Jones…and I’m not comparing our two books at all at all at all at all…Judy Blume is the master… she has a million more customer reviews and sales… and a deserved and beloved fan base I can only dream of…but I’ve been in a dreamy I love being a writer state all day and then I see this…this …my book… there alongside a Judy Blume book, Judy Blume… the girl I was once would never have believed back when she was reading Judy Blume that she would someday find herself on a virtual shelf alongside Judy Blume…that girl wouldn’t believe for a long time that it was okay to dream of being a writer…so… I know I’m silly for getting psyched about this bit of randomness…but whatever the visual makes me happy.