Now that was unexpected

American author Marita Golden wrote in one of her recent newsletters:

“As writers we often get so obsessed with the challenges of maintaining a productive writing life and writing career, that we often don’t remember to count our blessings. And it is the people who have blessed us with their belief in our personal dream that helps fuel our stories. We are not islands but members of a dynamic ever-present village. We write not only because we need to or have to but because somebody along the way told us we should, or could.”

She challenged us to take a moment to think on this…and when I did, the most unexpected person came to mind. See, there’s one person I almost never mention (amidst my tanty, my mom, my dad, my sister, my friends, my mentors etc etc all the way to a mixed and growing list of literary heroes) when I’m answering this question. Someone who’s always been proud of the writer-me though I don’t think he’s read much of what I’ve written. His ‘that’s my sister, you know my sister, she’s a writer’ is embarrassing as hell. But there’s also his encouragement and belief in my potential from the time I was little and he was tutoring me in math to now as I navigate life. The fact that he also makes me laugh as much as he infuriates me. Well, all I can say is when God gave out big brothers, I got lucky.


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