Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project – in their own words – Part 4

So, the deed is done; the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project (August 12th to 16th 2013) has come and gone. I asked the participants (14 young people aged between 9 and 19) to evaluate and this is what they said.

Q. Would you recommend the JSYWP to others? If so, why? If not, why not?

“Yes, I would recommend it to others because it has personally helped me and so I do believe it would be of great help to others. The activities we did were very helpful in developing writing, reading , observational skills and more…… and I would love to have someone experience the amazing week I did.”

“I would because it can improve other people’s writing skills”
“Yes! Because it will improve their writing”
sharing by kurne
“I would recommend this camp because I don’t feel like enough people can explain themselves and writing would help”

“Yes I would recommend this camp to others because I learn so much in only 5 days”
“Yes I would because it was a great experience and you really learn a lot”at Big Church by Kurne
“Yes because they will become much better at writing”

socializing by Joanne C Hillhouse“I would recommend others to this camp because it is a great way to socialize and to learn more about our culture. And it helps improve your writing skills”

writing at Prince Klaas by Joanne C Hillhouse (2)

“Yes! Especially if writing is their passion. Ms. Hillhouse really evokes the creative spices in your brain and helps you to express them”

“I definitely would recommend it next year because based on my experience, it
is an amazing help.”

“Yes I would recommend the camp to others because I think it would  improve their writing skills and inspire them as it has done me. But I think the course could use more handouts with more info concerning writing.”

Josh and Orique by Joanne C Hillhouse

*with photos by Kurne Williams for Silston Library.

*Tuition sponsors of the JSYWP were: Anonymous, Brenda Lee Browne, Caribbean Water Treatment, Dr. Jillia Bird, Paperclips, Sanhall Trademarks Ltd., Shirley Heights Lookout, and Townhouse Mega Store.

*The following also provided patronage and/or assistance: The Best of Books, Koren Norton, Charmaine Thomas, Silston Library, St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union, Carol Mitchell, and Marie Elena John.


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