The Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project – in their own words – Part 3

So, the deed is done; the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project (August 12th to 16th 2013) has come and gone. I asked the participants (14 young people aged between 9 and 19) to evaluate and this is what they said.

Q. What was your favourite part of the JSYWP?

Maounda sharing by Kurne“Sharing our stories”
Michaela sharing by Joanne C Hillhouse

“My favourite part of the camp was sharing time, where everyone shared a piece that they’ve written p.s. the snacks were pretty good”

reading and sharing by Kurne

at Big Church by Kurne (3)“The trips out”
“when we went on the walks”
“the walking to different historical sites”at the museum by  Kurne

“The educational games at the start of the classes”
“that we played a game every morning as soon as we came”

games by Kurne
“the games”

at big church by Kurne (2)“Sharing time and taking the trips”

“Carol Mitchell”Carol Mitchell 5 by Joanne C Hillhouse
“When Carol Mitchell came and spoke to us about a plot”

Kurne and Kadija by Joanne C Hillhouse (2)“My favourite part of the camp was the snacks, I’m kidding but I did enjoy them. Usinig visual prompts and going on the walks to get inspiration was definitely the best. Meeting new people was also great.”

“My favourite part of this camp was looking at the images and creating a story from them. Also listening to the various styles of writing in the other participants”

“Honestly…I enjoyed everything and it would be a bit difficult to decide….. loved all of it.”

*with photos by Kurne Williams for Silston Library

*Tuition sponsors of the JSYWP were: Anonymous, Brenda Lee Browne, Caribbean Water Treatment, Dr. Jillia Bird, Paperclips, Sanhall Trademarks Ltd., Shirley Heights Lookout, and Townhouse Mega Store.

*The following also provided patronage and/or assistance: The Best of Books, Koren Norton, Charmaine Thomas, Silston Library, St. John’s Cooperative Credit Union, Carol Mitchell, and Marie Elena John.


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