Fish Outta Water

This is a post about my new – and first ever – children’s picture book, Fish Outta Water.


It’s foreday morning where I am so please chalk up any errors in this post to that…that and my excitement at this new chapter in my writing life.

Now, I have to let you know that I don’t have an online link for the book but this is the publisher site The book is part of Pearson’s Stepping Stone series; so, one of several, but a first for me. There is also an International Customer Service Orders email phone +44 1279 623925 and Fax +44 1279 623627 and the ISBN is  9781447945901. The best way to get it is by asking your local books stores to carry it. In fact, I urge you to encourage your local bookstores to carry all my books.

I didn’t plan to write or publish a children’s picture book but the stories come and I write them, I wrote and researched and wrote some more when this story came then not sure what to do with it, I put it down. When the opportunity presented itself I submitted it, it was selected for publication, went through a rigorous editing process and emerged as a book I hope your children will treasure. I can dream, right?

Now that the bug has bitten, I may do more in this genre.

I want to big up the illustrator, another daughter of the soil, Zavian Archibald. As was the case with Heather Doram and the cover of my Boy from Willow Bend re-issue, I love when Antiguan artists are involved, because I don’t think anyone can imagine the Caribbean the way they do.


Fish Outta Water Synopsis: Meet Dolphin, the Arctic seal. Dolphin loves hearing tales of the Caribbean, but how will he fare when he finds himself on his very own Caribbean adventure? Will he finally get to meet a real dolphin?

Fish Outta Water sample: “Where am I?” Dolphin asks. Wherever he is, the water is warm – warmer than he’s used to. And everything is different. So many colours, so much light, so many things he can’t name. Dolphin whirls and twirls trying to see it all at once.”

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As always, thank you for your support.


5 thoughts on “Fish Outta Water

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  2. Wow this is so great. I love the vivid colours and you’re writing is always top notch. Will be buying this (for myself – but don’t judge) 😀

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