Just for Fun

Everything is
not a competition
when we
wine we
win’ing just
for fun
we win’ing
‘cause the
sweet we
we win’ing
piding ping pan
and we waist
line leggo

Everything is
not competition
you see these
they’re about
self expression
they sing
the song
our heart
ping and beep beep beep
that de monitor
still going

Everything is not
but by doing it
we show
ah likkle ah we han’
gi’ you a
o’ we vision
and soul
lest the
of stagnation
and bitterness
tek hol’

So though we
making fun
don’t think
is play we
we singing
and dancing
writing and
the shades
of life
we living

This one is just for fun. It came out of a conversation I had in passing today with an open mic regular who indicated that she was going off island for a bit, to the big apple no less. I mentioned that there were likely open mics there that she could step to and when she said she’d have to check it out first, I said something inane like if your stuff is good you’ve got nothing to worry about. She said, I don’t worry if my stuff is good or not, it’s just expression, you know. Now normally, I hold the opposite view, the idea that as a working writer part of my job is to become a better writer. But her comment reminded me that this didn’t start out as a job but as a way of expressing…me. But between the when’s your next book coming out questions and the submission cycle, the reviews and the deadlines sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the joy and release first found with the scratch of a pen across a page. So, while I’m still committed to getting better – and via my coaching, workshops, and editing services, helping other writers do so as well, it’s good to remember that first and foremost this s*it is all about expression. So, this one is just for fun.


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