Sex and the Caribbean Woman

she sex

Above is an image featuring some of the writers from the new anthology of Caribbean writing, She Sex Prose and Poetry: SEX and the Caribbean Woman. I spot Lisa Allen-Agostini and Danielle Boodoo Fortune (3rd row, 2nd and 3rd from left, respectively) from TnT; Sandra Sealey (2nd row, 2nd from right) and Shakirah Bourne (1st row, 2nd from left) from Bim, and Zahra Airall (1st row, 2nd from right) from Waladli. This Waladlian sistren (i.e. yours truly) is also in it (though not pictured) and looking forward to reading all the fabulous women writers featured.

Per the press, She Sex “examines sex as it relates to religion, class, race, age, orientation, and economics through the genre of prose and poetry. It is edited by Paula Obè and Carol N. Hosein. Cover artwork by Danielle Boodoo-Fortunè. She SEX has contributors from Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica and Bermuda.”

According to Virgin Islands author Tiphanie Yanique, author of the award winning novel How to Escape from a Leper Colony, “She Sex is an important gathering of women’s voices. On one hand the writing is a celebration of sexual fulfillment and curiosity ranging from Atiya’s poem, “Differentology”, about sex with a lover who transitions from a male to a female, to Zahra I. Airall’s story, “Over the Hill and Through the Wood” about an older woman finding sexual gratification for the first time*. But the anthology does not shy away from the ways that sex is used as a weapon against women. Both Delesse Francis and Shakirah Bourne write stories of intimacy and emotion about ways that sexual power can be used as a primary tool to control women and seed self-doubt in girls. I hope young women around the Caribbean get a chance to read this book and have heated discussions about the beauty of sexual pleasure and vulnerability of that very beauty. The collection also does important work by introducing some writers to a wider audience.”

*if you live in Antigua and have seen stagings of When a Woman Moans then you may be familiar with Over the Hill and Through the Wood, performed to popular response by Heather Doram.

And, if you’re interested, there’s this bit of trivia about one of my two pieces in the collection; it was written in response to an art prompt (a painting by Glenroy Aaron) posted at the Expressions: Poetry in the Pub facebook group. It might never have made it to She Sex if I’d been successful in posting it as a prompt response but technology’s fail is the poem’s win as it has found its way to She Sex.

She Sex launches November 14th 2013, NALIS – AV Room, 6 p.m. in Trinidad and Tobago. It is a product of

Bamboo Talk Press



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