12 Moments

Well there are 12 months in the year so I thought I’d pull, entirely at random, and share 12 moments from my happiness journal. What’s a happiness journal? In my case, the result of my commitment at the start of 2013 to journal every day, every day, on the good moments instead of the bad – which tend to be attention hogs. The great thing about this year-long exercise was that even in my worst moments – and I’ve had some doozies this year – I had to dig for something good; and reminiscing on these moments at the end of the year was something to look forward to. I think I’ll do it again in 2014…and I highly recommend it as an opportunity to see where our happiness lies…and there is happiness…in spite of all. So, without further ado, 12 moments:
Maybe it’s her voice or that infectious beat (shout out to Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis); but no matter what Janet is singing about, it’s happy music. On a Janet vibe this morning.

Find myself smiling without realizing it today. Guess my spirit feels light. Could it have something to do with Fish Outta Water being out?
reading from Fish Outta Water

Didn’t want to go but it was nice walking and bouncing to the music, and singing out loud as if if I can’t hear people they can’t hear me and watching the orange stretch across the sky… sunset …and while walking and singing and dancing getting an idea for a story or a poem or maybe just a bit of dialogue…but writing.

My dad calling to say he loved me.

I slept in, woke up and slept some more, guilt free.

Today was the Wadadli Pen finale and I honestly don’t remember smiling through it at all…thank God for pictures…

...and thanks to AntiguaChronicle.net for being there so that I could have those pictures.

…and thanks to AntiguaChronicle.net for being there so that I could have those pictures.

it’s like living it for the first time only without the pressure of expectations, people pulling me in different directions and the worry over what might go wrong. Now, I can breathe.

Today is (niece’s) graduation day. Bittersweet for me; but happy that she’s got to this point.

I’m really falling into this Stephen King On Writing book. It’s so unlike any memoir I’ve ever read. Took me half hour to get from the bus stop to the house yesterday reading it; woke up this morning reading it…


I came to the realization that teaching is really an opportunity to learn so it doesn’t really matter if I screw up, go in open, and learn. I feel better about it. More relaxed.

Hanging with (friend). Singing the songs. Drinking wine and laughing, and laughing, and laughing.

There’s a breeze today which is ambrosia. And quickly remembering why I wanted this back verandah; this is my favourite place in the house to be….me, music, the lap top or a book…


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