Cooking up some Magic…er, Food

So, today was a wash workwise. There was a lot of laughing, cooking, laughing, drinking, laughing, eating on the set of Cooking Magic, the one year anniversary show. To be clear, Cooking Magic is quite a bit older, dating back to the mid 1960s in fact, making it the longest running show on island and lots of other places too. The cooking maven, Gwen Tonge died a year ago though and her daughter continued the show, keeping her legacy alive; so this was the one year anniversary of the new Cooking Magic. Now, I grew up watching this show but as I’m more the kind of person that knows how to cook to stay alive (provided I don’t burn the house down because I forgot the pot on the stove and got caught up in a story) than to entertain, I never thought I’d ever be on Cooking Magic. But Erna Mae can be very convincing – and though I was there to promote Oh Gad!  in the first instance and took the opportunity to promote the 2014 season of Wadadli Pen this time around, she wasn’t having any of this I didn’t come here to cook nonsense. How else do you explain me turning fungie not once but twice in her kitchen when I’ve never once turned it in my own. See pics from my first Cooking Magic appearance here. And here are some pictures from the Cooking Magic anniversary show (lifted from the Cooking Magic facebook page) and if you’re in Antigua and Barbuda or anywhere ABS TV broadcasts (hint: they also stream online) be sure to tune in Friday at 6:30 p.m.

1527110_242045152633470_38250446_n 1522107_242045889300063_551747858_n 45056_242046589299993_98370103_n 69499_242047555966563_58089465_n 1517463_242047732633212_1931720760_n 1497570_242048072633178_1827124215_n 1511255_242048539299798_258220664_n 1560775_242049429299709_1307055419_n 1510745_242049655966353_1598146452_n 1511566_242050429299609_277382421_n Untitled 1535476_242050379299614_2065474616_n 1554564_242050579299594_534902538_n 1011976_242051145966204_1557755155_n

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