Something Wicked

“This is a piercing analysis of the darker side of paradise… what happens when ‘laid back debauchery, easy and available loving’ crosses a line and becomes something more violent?” – The Missing Slate

This is the note Missing Slate posted when sharing on facebook my story Something Wicked,  Story of the Week at their website at this writing. I didn’t think of it as the darker side of paradise when I wrote it, just life; exploring how something some would deem innocuous fun could be a trigger, a sort of emotional domino effect.

I had a pretty cool e-exchange with the Slate editor, who after spending the bulk of his email telling me why he liked this other more structurally unconventional submission of mine ended with “,,, but I think I’ve settled on ‘Something Wicked’, which was the story I kept going back to.”

I understand what he means; I mean, clearly, I’m not a fan of the song that triggered Something Wicked but I kept coming back to it, too.

Teaser: stay tuned for the outcome of a collaboration with a visual artist inspired by my other recent Missing Slate selection Summer 1. You can read both Slate pieces here.




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