Blogging on Books

“I love her writing – lines like ‘the story devoured the night’ – I really do and I’m glad I was reminded of that.” (Memnoch the Devil)

“I can’t imagine how at once scary and liberating it must be to write an autobiography; digging around the dark and uncomfortable corners of your psyche, revisiting your past triumphs and failures, exposing your soft underbelly.” (Living History)

“Though it deals with the natural environment, it is not about paradisiacal vistas so much as it is about the stories (in verse and prose) running through the veins of the natural environment.” (The Caribbean Writer, Volume 26)

“The writer threads the tension tightly holding your curiousity and at times making you tense up the way a good mystery should.” (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

“I can’t say this book had the powerful impact on me it did others (like my friend) but I appreciated reading it…” (The Shack)

“The reason I most liked this book, however, is that I was almost utterly charmed by…” (Makeba: My Story)

These are excerpts from reviews of books I’ve read over the past year or so…well, technically, they’re more ‘why I liked it’ than reviews since I don’t write about books I didn’t like even a little bit (I’m like Essence like that). But it’s a way of sharing and connecting with other book lovers over a shared pleasure…and showing the authors who appealed to me some love. After all, they teach me a little something every time I read them.

I’m reading slower than I like these days (too many books too little time) but the list is still considerable. There’s Blogger on Books and Blogger on Books II, and soon enough Blogger on Books III, I’m sure. I won’t link them because the link changes every time I update but just search those terms at and you’ll find them.

The latest addition is Tayari Jones’ Silver Sparrow which I’m glad I had the time to read most of in a single go – this stealing bits and pieces of reading time in bank lines and on bus rides and such can mess with the rhythm and affect how you respond to a book. But I finished Silver Sparrow lounging on the beach one day recently during a hotel day pass (birthday present) and enjoyed the time to unwind in one of my favourite ways to unwind with a book that was a really, really good read.



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