Musing on Privilege

I found this article (When Life Hacking is Really White Privelige) an interesting read (in part because I find scenarios like the ones described infuriating as well) but interestingly enough when reading it, it wasn’t incidents of white privilege that came back to me. I remembered the time I was in line….well, there wasn’t really a line but I’d been waiting and the man that came in after me got called before me (actually he didn’t so much get called as step up and get served)…and was indifferent to my huffing and puffing about it and maybe kind of smirked at me…he and the clerk were both ‘high’ coloured (as we say) and he was more mature and of the business class (as in he was from a well known business owning family) and though the clerk knew I’d been waiting longer…yeah, she’d seen me…she knew who was more important in that situation…I left the office and not long after discontinued dealings with the company…I doubt my presence is missed…another incident that comes to mind involves an African American male, two island girls, a Caribbean music festival and a shared taxi…he very assertively told the taxi driver to drop him off first because we didn’t even know where we were going…gentlemanly of him… in both cases privilege was involved in my view… class privilege, male privilege, a smidge of cultural superiority in the case of the AA …deference on the part of the service providers, superiority on the part of the jerks…and not nearly enough assertiveness on my part…in both cases I think they knew they were getting away with something…maybe they were leaning on their privilege…or maybe they were just rude.


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