Something Old, Something New

Still celebrating this new review…

“Hillhouse’s authorial voice is lyrical and descriptive.  The interactions of this extended and blended family, along with their respective communities in Antigua and the United States provide a range of interesting perspectives that are expressed in characteristic dialogue of their regions. The universe of this novel is not only populated with intergenerational and multi-cultural characters but also with connections to ancestors and newborns.   Compellingly, the complexity and depth of Oh Gad! is well disguised as easy beach reading with the usual soap opera formula of romance, political intrigue, family feuds, and the like.   In this way, Hillhouse masterfully transports us back and forth from our modernity into the mythic yet real seat of Antiguan culture.  What we find there is fascinating.” – Leah Creque-Harris in Caribbean Vistas FULL REVIEW HERE

And unexpectedly reflecting on this old interview…

 “What does it take (emotionally, financially, spiritually, craft-wise) to become a published author?

Read a lot, write a lot, embrace every opportunity to learn and grow, experience life. Beyond that, not standing in your own way. Not letting the things that scare you – be it the emotional or financial risks, the vulnerability and exposure, the fear, the cycle of rejection, the potential for failure, the uncertainty of success, the trickster within undermining your confidence – stop you.  It requires—I’m learning every day—the fortitude and the creativity to keep moving forward in spite of everything that seems determined to stump or break you. You have to keep learning, building on your innate talent with the discipline of work and craft building. Faith. Support. Encouragement. That’s some of what it’s taken, as for the rest, I’m still discovering. Oh, mental health breaks; I’m discovering the importance of mental health breaks and taking the time to appreciate the moments that bring you happiness, small or big.” – read the full interview with Kara at THE FRUGAL FEMINISTA


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