Just looked this up….thought I’d share what I found…this is an interesting article on not only how what you know or what is assumed about you can work against you but what you can do to increase the odds of getting a real shot at that next project. News you can use.

“During more than a year of actively seeking a full-time job, Noluthando Crockett-Ntonga landed lots of interviews — sometimes second and third interviews.

But she received no offers for the communications or project management openings she sought.

Instead, the former NPR White House correspondent heard repeatedly from recruiters and hiring managers that she was overqualified. She believed she was applying for jobs that matched her experience, so she decided to change her image and her approach.

“I really began to believe that the label ‘overqualified’ is a code word for other things,” she said. Crockett-Ntonga, who had worked as a communications consultant for universities and members of Nelson Mandela’s cabinet, said she thinks other things employers might object to include high salary expectations, resistance to new technologies and a pompous approach.”



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