Tattooed References

GYE NYAME is the most visible of my tats

reading St Kitts2

…when people ask me to pronounce it I can’t… but I do know what it means: “except for God”.

It’s an adinkra symbol, representative of the supremacy of God and is very popular (ubiquitous even) in Ghana (or so the literature said when I researched it prior to getting it…a million years ago). This, and other ink on my body, though, is really for me about faith through the challenges…some days I need every bit of reminder and encouragement I can get.

Plus, I like how they look.

reading St Kitts1

And now for a nod to tattooed references in Oh Gad! because …well, because, if you haven’t already I, of course, still want you to buy, read, and tell other people to buy, read my book.

…as he continued tracing the pattern of her tattoo.

“Come on,” he said. “What is it? When you got it?”

“What is this fascination with my tattoo from a man who has, what, three, four of them?” she asked.

He laughed. “Five. I remember the night you search out all o’ them, too.” She smiled at the memory of feather like touches mapping his entire body, leaving him hard and her wet, leading to the inevitable entanglement of limbs and the kind of release that had her questioning her sanity for fighting this in the first place. “As I remember it,” he continued now, “I was very, very patient with you.”

“Such a good boy,” she mocked.

He pressed his advantage, “Should I bring out the candles, incense, Sade’s Lovers Rock.” That had been the background to their love making on the night in question; and he, Nikki decided, had the memory of an elephant.

“Don’t try to distract me,” she said…


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