The Morning After

As I write this, I’ve got a lot to catch up on and a lot to prepare for…but, screw it, I’m taking a daycation (day+vacation). I need a minute (or 1440) to just do nothing. I’s tiiired. Not answering the phone, not clearing out my inbox will likely bend back and bite me in the ass. But whatever. Like my mom reminded me today, if you drop dead wha you t’ink goin’ happen. The bills are still going to be there, I just won’t be around to worry about them…and the things to be done will either get done or not but either way the world will keep spinning. So, I’m taking a me-day. I’ve earned it…between work and the other things on my to-do list, there’s been Wadadli Pen…Wadadli Pen…which takes up a lot of time and energy for something that’s supposed to be a voluntary side project …the pendulum swings on whether I have it in me to give another year to this programme after 10 by turns trying and fulfilling years. I love the programme, I do but I’s tiiiiiired Brain to Body to Spirit.  I won’t make any decisions while I’m feeling like this. Well, except for my decision to take a daycation right the hell now.

While I do that I invite you to head on over to my other blog and view the winners of the 2014 Wadadli Pen Challenge. I am so proud of them for daring…so please join me in encouraging them; read their stories, leave a comment if so inclined, support the programme if you’d like to see it continue.

Here’s a link to get you started:

And check this out, this was our anniversary cake prepared by Danielle George-John of Sweet Dreams…how sweet is that?

cake by danielle by eef




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