Just Saying

Someone asked me today to have my assistant contact them. My assistant. I would have laughed if it wasn’t so funny (yes, funny). Because it’s a nice dream isn’t it? Like Carrie Bradshaw in one of her movies; Jennifer Hudson does my social media marketing to promote my books, manages my websites (this and Wadadli Pen), keeps up with emails and phone calls (seriously, Louise, I could use help with both), organizes my files…and my life, does my billing (if there’s billing to be done) and pays my bills (or figures out how to buy me some time when there’s no money for the paying of bills) leaving me free to write and sip mimosas with my friends …in designer shoes.

I did have pizza and Diet Coke barefoot on my back porch with a friend – the hangout part 2, as she dubbed it – this evening near the end of my daycation.

The truth is though that when I say I’m on the hustle, I mean it. I’ve got to hustle new clients even as I’m working to deliver for existing clients (or…client) always a bit under the wire because much as I might will it differently there’s only 24 hours in the day…and that’s before you get to the writing stuff I don’t make nearly enough time for…and (this month anyway) the writing related travel stuff that I’m looking forward to but still have to prepare for…and side projects that are time sucking labours of deep affection (love may be too strong a word right now) like Wadadli Pen. Alas, no assistant though. We’re living the life we choose and it has its highlights, notably doing work that allows us to be creative, but the truth is most writers I know don’t live the Carrie Bradshaw life (but then neither does Carrie Bradshaw).

But it’s a nice dream, I suppose.


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