Becoming Consciously Uncoupled*

Downsizing a freelance relationship can be challenging for all the reasons mentioned in this article though for many reasons, also mentioned in this article , the choice may already be made. Two things are jumping out at me:

“My emails would go unanswered for long periods, my pay rate stagnated, my contribution went unrecognized, and I wasn’t growing.”


“…ultimately, good business relationships should be ‘profitable’ beyond money.”

It’s food for thought for any one contemplating the future of any kind of relationship…especially if you’ve got Kenny Rogers buzzing in your ear…


“You gotta know when to hold em

know when to fold em

know when to walk away”

*Gwyneth, no copyright infringement is intended…ah jus’ borrowing your turn of phrase…and here, you can have it back.

Also, if you’re reading this…I remain committed to #thewritinglife and a freelancer #onthehustle … thankful for the relationships I’ve had; yes, even the ones that didn’t work out.


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