So here’s something I thought I’d never see…

…my name on a college course list. Seriously, never, like not-even-on-my-wish-list-never. But I’m happy and humbled to report that one of my books (Oh Gad!) has been selected for inclusion in a course on Caribbean Women Writers by Professor Elizabeth Nunez, beginning Fall 2014 at Hunter College (part of the City University of New York).

From the course description:

“This course will examine fiction by women writers from the English-speaking Caribbean who write at home and those who write abroad, with particular emphasis on differences in narrative style, subject matter, character development, plot, setting, theme, and imagery. Among the writers to be studied are Michele Cliff (Jamaica/USA); Elizabeth Nunez (Trinidad/USA); Merle Hodge (Trinidad &Tobago); and Joanne Hillhouse (Antigua). Students will also examine brief excerpts from the work of several other writers, including Oonya Kempadoo, Nalo Hopkinson, Patricia Powell, Olive Senior, Merle Collins and Jamaica Kincaid.”

I have no words.


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