Oh Gad! – Movements

Received word from Simon & Schuster that my novel will be going on sale in a matter of weeks…which on further inquiry I’ve learned refers to the pending availability of mass market copies of the book. If you’re wondering what’s the difference between trade paperback, its previous format, and mass market paperback, here’re my cliff-style notes:

All paperbacks are soft cover books. Size-wise, trade paperbacks are comparable to hard covers. Mass Market paperbacks are smaller, cheaper, and more ubiquitous. These are the ones, perhaps because of their more user friendly size, you tend to find not just on your book store shelves but at checkout at convenience stores and in airports. So, fingers crossed, more sales.

Here’s a heads up on the publisher site about the mass market availability of Oh Gad!

Book still available, by the way, in trade paperback and ebook formats.


In more oh my Oh Gad! news, I just came across a post on Althea Romeo Mark’s blog which begins “Joanne Hillhouse’s novel ‘Oh Gad’ inspired me to write the following poems…”

You’ve got to understand how mind blowing it is, the idea that anything you wrote inspired anything much less poetry that reads (in part) “the sunshine in our Lilliput were/the ‘aunties’ who wrapped us/in reassuring words as they listened/to our hearts beating to suspicions/of desertion” (from Dreamers by Althea Romeo Mark) and “our ‘aunties’ had hearts bigger/than their religion allowed,/and forgave those deemed unforgiveable/opened doors to prodigal sons and fallen daughters” (from Sinners and Saints by Althea Romeo Mark). Romeo Mark reports in that post that she has a review of Oh Gad! forthcoming in the summer 2014 edition of the Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books. looking forward to reading that. She hinted to her readers that the book “touches on the themes of migration and abandonment”.

And then there’s this…



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