New Video! For Women, in Tribute to Nina Simone

I love it when Antigua-name in (good) t’ings, and this For Women Collective is a good thing. Check them out (NEW VIDEO ALERT)

For Women 2 For Women 1For Women 2bYou know, when I wrote Sexy Sadie, I had no specific plan for her. Then I saw this call for submissions on one of the book blogs I follow. I submitted her because she was the only story I had at the time that remotely fit the idea of a woman boldly claiming…it felt right and I was thrilled that she was selected (and well placed in the Sweet Thing section of the book, structured to capture the natures of the Four Women in Nina’s classic song).

Nina Simone is one of my favourite artistes and her Four Women, one of my maybe top 5 from her discography (I know, I’m hardly unique there). But it felt all kinds of special to have Sexy Sadie of Antigua selected for inclusion in a collection honouring this formidable woman and artiste. I hope she would approve but then she’d probably give me a look for desiring anyone’s approval, even hers. Because if we know anything about Nina when it comes to her art, it’s that she was, as we say in Antigua, doncareahdam. Which is not to say that she didn’t care (she cared about a lot) but that she had something to say, she had her own distinct way of saying and being, and you were just going to have to deal with her on her terms. Or at least, so she seems to me when I listen to her music or youtube her performances.

 She was baaaaad.


I have had an open invitation to perform at the many collective appearances; we’re all kept in the loop.For Women 3 But it hasn’t happened yet.

I seem drawn to these arts movements driven by women – can’t help thinking back to my involvement in the Women of Antigua productions: VMon2012And can’t help feeling buzzed after watching this video…happy to see Antigua’s name in the mix For Women 5 For Women 6and considering the possibility of participating in (or at least attending) future performances, one in particularFor Women 4… there must be a travel grant or fellowship (preferably both) out there for an Antiguan and Barbudan writer looking to connect with the Collective. Right?


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