What the Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books had to say about Oh Gad!

RevviewThe Antigua and Barbuda Review of Books this year (2014) spotlighted my book Oh Gad! – two years after its initial release, but just in time for its mass market release – with no less than four reviews, more than any other individual book in the collection. Grateful and humbled for the attention my-not-so-little-book-that-could has been getting between the NPR buzz and this.

The Review has been known to pen responses from writers and the editor made clear that door was open to me. I don’t believe in it, though; the back and forth with reviewers. Even when I disagree (with the inference, for instance that certain choices were reader-driven as opposed to character-motivated) or see a blatant error (facts not open to interpretation like location or biography), I usually don’t feel tempted – usually feel enough of a distance from the work by the time it’s published to take it in stride.

I want positive reviews (though only if they’re deserved), of course. What writer doesn’t? But, when it comes down to it, it’s each reader and reviewer’s reading of the story and it’s actually interesting to me to see what people come away with – rarely the exact same thing even when they pick up on common themes. I share excerpts of (favourable) reviews here on the site in the interest of creating awareness about the book, and hopefully attracting sales (yet have been known to link, in the interest of full disclosure, even to the unfavourable and/or mixed reviews). I’ve added excerpts from the Review reviews, and you can read them here. Beyond that, nothing to say really except thank you to all the reviewers for taking the time, your reviews made for highly interesting reading – and the reality of being a writer, of being read in this way, of having my work revealed to me in this way, will never stop being unbelievable (believe that).


Want more Review? Go here.

Want more reviews? Go here.


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