This post is just for fun…or out of idleness. Sunday Salon inspired.

Time: // 2:53 a.m.

The scene: // On my couch, trying to wind down after a long day. Nothing on the TV boring enough to put me to sleep while being distracting enough for me not to be bored; so surfing the net, looking for nothing at all serious…and writing this. #theglamourouswritinglife

Reading: // Nothing at the moment as I’m lying in the dark. But was reading some Robert Burns poetry earlier – best laid plans…

Grateful for: // Getting some writing done today. The rain that fell. Feeling better and more thankful today than I did yesterday when it felt like everything was rolling down on top of me. Being in a much better place as I continued edits on my book. Chat earlier tonight with one of my niecees …seeing my kids-once-removed blossom and figure out what they want in life, even as I wish I had more in the way of resources to support their dreams. Finally getting to see Fruitvale Station…though it hurt so bad to finally see it.

Promoting: // Nothing in particular at the moment…but I did enjoy visiting poet and Brooklyn Poet Laureate Tina Chang’s reading last night; so check her out.

Now I’m off to: // Sleep hopefully…eventually …I really need to sleep more.

What are you up to today? What’s the last book that knocked your socks off? What are you grateful for?


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