The Situation Right Now

UPDATE! This was actually the situation last week Sunday night…since then, the storm blew through, knocked out the power and as a result my ability to get much work done (since my computer is my office) …but thank God for life and minimal damage (Bermuda’s not been so fortunate so keep them in your prayers). I read a lot more this week than I have in  while…primarily advancing the slow going Mansfield Park, finishing the Artemis journal (the one with my poem Civ-I-li-zation in it), and picking Night Rising Vampire Babylon by Chris Marie Green from my shelf of books unread because everything else I’m reading right now feels so damn heavy and measured and I wanted something fast paced and fun…I’m actually close to halfway through. Reading’s slowed now that I have my power back though.

Weather: They say there’s a tropical storm coming. How serious is it? Well, the airport’s closed and flights have been cancelled. No weather yet though. Praying this is one of those times the meteorologists got it wrong.

Cue the Music: Hmmm…not a lot of music today… but it’s MC Lyte’s after-birthday and I was recently missing diversity in female hip hop, so how about this:

UPDATE! You know I had to add this one (that’s more like it):

Women’s Retreat: I had a retreat of one this weekend (needed it after completing a grueling edit review)…me and a Walking Dead marathon leading up to the season premiere. I am prepping for an actual retreat next month at which I am a presenter. It’s an empowerment seminar and my presentation will be on, what else, writing.

School: Nothing to report here except I’m still trying to make my Jhohadli Writing project happen…and I’ll have news shortly on a workshop I’m helping to put together…and I continue to learn from the school of life.

Currently reading: I feel like I’ve been reading the same five books for ever…I used to be able to read faster than this. I’m going to have to pick up the pace if I expect to get through and do justice to the Burt Award submissions (which I really want to…do justice, that is). I’m starting to feel bad for the other unread books on my shelf. Anyway, I’m still reading…

Paradise by Toni Morrison

Artemis Volume XXl

Just Enough Light for the Step I’m On  by Stormie Omartian

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

The Other Tongues

Finished this week: Nothing recreational…but, yay, finally got through that grueling book edit review though.

Prayers this week: Well, it’s starting to rain here so I guess no storm is out of the question…but keep us safe while it passes and don’t let the damage be more than we can bear is still on the table. Please, God, and thanks.

This post was inspired by this post over at My Head is Full of Books and modelled on it except for things not at all applicable to my life like wash-the-dog.


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