Grab the Life by the Lapels – the Interview

I’ve been blessed in this sense. I don’t have a fansyschmansy book tour but thanks to networking I’ve been able to tour virtually since the release of Oh Gad! … and it don’t stop. LOL. This week I’m at Grab the Lapels. Interesting name right? It’s inspired by this quote by one of my favourite writers and inspirations, the late Maya Angelou, “I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.”

So this site, like the facebook group in which I met the site’s host, is all about literary ladies. I’m happy now to be counted among them. So thanks, Melanie.

Here’re a couple of excerpts:

“At some point, you have to let it go, happy or not; at some point, you’ve done all you can with it. Sometimes that means filing it, never to be seen by the public; and sometimes that means putting it out there and letting it continue on its journey without you. The thing is, though, the act of writing is what makes me happy; I feel so blessed (okay, sometimes cursed, but mostly blessed) that I have this talent and I want to keep growing it.”

“I’m very driven…and it’s not about what tier I’m on because I’m still very much a writer on the hustle… it’s about feeling like I heard the character right and told her or his story right; that’s what matters to me, and I’ll fight for that. That someone read something I wrote and was moved by it is what matters to me, and I’ll treasure that…but I’m always about, ‘What more could I have done?’ I’m far from feeling comfortable.”

Read the full interview.


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