CODE Workshop in Antigua a Success

Following the launch of Musical Youth, on November 21st, I spent the following two days, November 22nd and 23rd, facilitating a workshop sponsored by CODE, sponsors of the Burt Award. It was a good and productive – and fun – weekend. I’m a little bit relieved that everyone seemed pleased with the experience. There’s some interesting new writing happening as well; I look forward to seeing how it all turns out and applaud the participants for opening themselves up to the critiques necessary to see and hear the things they might be too close to the work to see and hear, things they need to see and hear to make the work better.

I hope to do more of this kind of stuff, if sponsorship can be found and/or if participants are able and willing to pay. I articulated this plan earlier this year when I launched the Jhohadli Youth Writing Project. I hope to keep pushing to make that happen.

One participant posted this note on social media: “The writer’s workshop sponsored by CODE and facilitated by Joanne C Hillhouse was refreshing, inspiring and I am so proud of what we have in the form of writers in Antigua. I’m looking forward to reading the final works.”

Me, too.

That same participant took these images…so double thanks, Kim:

Workshop 1 Workshop 2 workshop 3 workshop 4

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