With Thanks

I don’t have official pictures as yet, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to the Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Committee for selecting me as the 2014 recipient of the Leonard Tim Hector Memorial Award. Thank you seems inadequate when I consider the legacy of Tim Hector, a man who was investigative journalist, philosopher, social and political commentator, sports analyst, teacher, politician, political activist, and among many other things, the man behind the influential Outlet newspaper and its must-read Fan the Flame column.TimHector I don’t feel like I’ve earned this yet, if at all, ever..but I accept it with thanks and a commitment to try to do my best to live up to what it represents.

I was happy to have some members of my family there and some friends when the award was presented by Hector’s widow Jennifer.

Tim Hector Award

Here I am with friend, Marcella (right), thanks to whom I have these initial visual mementos, and Fayola Jardine (centre), who interviewed me and read the citation (which I’ll share with you if and when I get her permission to do so).

with Marcella and Fayola

For more on the life and times of Tim Hector, a good read is Paul Buhle’s A Caribbean Radical’s Story.


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