Workshop Activity – Going Forward

My first workshop leader (ever, well beyond writing classes and mentorship during my time at UWI by Mervyn Morris) was Olive Senior at the Caribbean Fiction Writers Summer Institute (University of Miami). Recently, I came across this tweet she did plugging the CODE workshop I facilitated just last month:

olive senior (3)

I decided to keep it for sentimental reasons.

Workshops can be tough but they should push you to push yourself, I think. The tone of the workshop may vary depending on the facilitator-style but there should be growth. I hope I continue to grow every time I lead one or participate in one; yes, there’s learning to be done on both sides of the relationship. I’m happy (and relieved) that participants in the CODE workshop seem to agree that it was a positive growth experience. See some of their comments on my performance review page (workshop section).

I’d like to use this opportunity, since we’re talking about workshops, to plug both my coaching and facilitation services. Under my own steam, I’d like to continue these kinds of sessions, for a fee (yes, unlike the CODE workshop which was free, I will need to charge a reasonable participant fee going forward), maybe once a month if not more. So, if resident in Antigua (for now, in time I’m sure we can have people skyping in to sessions – as for coaching, I can work with you wherever you are), a writer or budding writer, interested in workshopping a work in progress or simply flexing your literary muscles, email subject line ‘Jhohadli Writing Project’ to be put on the mailing list for future workshop activity. And if you know anyone who might be interested, please share.


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