Book Club

This book club doesn’t have a name but we had a very lively session at the Cedar Valley hill, Antigua home of one of its members. We talked about the themes related to politics, colour, history, family, pottery and pepperpot, favourite characters (Audrey for the win!) and more. I read, I signed books, I answered questions about writing goals and future writing projects and other things. I neglected to get pictures, of course, but one of the members posted this and it will have to do.


I also appreciate her note: “Oh Gad is brilliant and you made the meeting extra special for all of us. Much appreciated.”

That was on a facebook thread on her page with another meeting participant adding, “I hope that all my friends and family in the UK and USA will read this absolutely superb book about Antigua. “Oh Gad” is one of those books that you’ll want to keep. Plenty in it about Antiguan people, culture, and especially the language! I can’t think of any other book to rival Joanne C. Hillhouse’s and it was sich an honour being present at this discussion hosted by the book club.”


Nothing to say to that enthusiastic endorsement except, thank you.

Also psyched that some of the members also read new book Musical YouthWIN_20141119_164653 and from all accounts had a positive response to that as well.

If your book club or other group is interested in hosting me virtually or in person, please don’t hesitate to Contact me.

Now, purely for your entertainment and because it amuses me, but no, we did not fight, how about a little book club fight club:


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