Schools Tour and Wadadli Pen Teaser

Just sent off confirmations to three schools which responded positively to my invitation to register for this mini-schools tour I’m doing in February. The purpose is two-fold: to promote Musical Youth DSC_0349and to give some time. On the latter point, I get requests to visits schools periodically. This is a form of community service as schools here don’t exactly have a budget for author visits. I’ve done many of these visits over the years, stmarys2 but the last year or so I’ve turned down a lot more than I’ve accepted (time, life… you know). When I came up with the idea to team up with Best of Books to visit some of these schools it was with the intention of consolidating some of these requests into a manageable time frame. I told them when I was available and asked them to book if they were interested. I explained that I would be reading from Musical Youth and since so many of these requests are about inspiring in students a love of the written word and perhaps giving them some pointers to improve their own writing, I will be doing at least one smaller interactive session each visit.

I won’t say where-I’ll-be-when until I receive their acknowledgment of my confirmation but I will say there is still one date available so if you’re a teacher attached to a secondary school in Antigua and you would like a visit, you can Contact me to try to book that date. I won’t be scheduling any other school visits at this time unfortunately.

Of course, one thing I hope will come out of this is regular engagement with the schools as part of the Jhohadli Writing Project (as I’ve written here before the intention is for this project to have different streams including adult workshops like the one I’ll be having later this month and teen streams like I’d like to activate in the schools, if there’s interest…then if there is interest, the challenge is to figure out how to fund that, especially if schools and students don’t have a budget for those types of programmes. Perhaps there are philanthropists out there who would like to fund such a programme – perhaps not. Time will tell.

In the meantime I’m looking forward to the confirmed school stops. It’s a small thing but I am happy that I’m able to do it and that Best of Books will be partnering with me on it.

The stops will also give me an opportunity to plug the Wadadli Pen 2015 Challenge. Yes, after much hemming and hawing there will be a Challenge, a much more streamlined Challenge in deference to the time and resources challenge that almost made 2015 a gap year. Follow the page or check back for details. I’ll do my best to launch it before the end of the month. So that’s your teaser…

Until later.


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