Jhohadli Writing Project workshops – February edition

“A very rewarding two hours” – Jhohadli Writing Project workshop participant, posting to facebook after the January 2015 session.

As far as the Jhohadli Writing Project workshop series goes, I’m still figuring things out. But I can say that the first of the year’s sessions went well; a good mix of formality and informality, instruction and interaction, engagement with literature and creating of new literature. As someone who’s been there, respect to the participants for opening themselves up to the process of having works in progress critiqued. I’m hoping that it worked for them (and the one online review I’ve seen – see above – suggests it did) because I’m hoping to keep it going.

At the moment, I have the idea of doing one per month (still Antigua based for the moment, though I do want to figure out how to bring in people based in other places, remotely); and I, also, depending on interest (and based on at least one query I think there is some interest) hope to add a session for teens. When I started facilitating workshops years ago, I started with teens and pre-teens (and have only more recently felt emboldened to offer workshops to adults including some of my peers, warming to the idea that I do have something I can pass on and we all can learn from each other). This has been a signature of my professional, promotional and voluntary activities: from the Wadadli Pen workshops to the Independence workshops to the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project to the workshops in schools and at the youth department, to my planned February schools tour which in addition to readings from my book Musical Youth and others will include interactive story sessions with smaller groups, to the Wadadli Pen programme itself, I have been creatively engaging with young people, hopefully helping them engage with their own creativity. So if there are teens who would like to get in on this, I’m open.

At the moment, I’m looking at two possible dates – possibly a Friday afternoon session with the teens on February 20th and the adult session on February 21st.

Neither of these dates is written in stone and a lot of it is dependent on you. I’d need to book the time with the Youth Enlightenment Academy which graciously accommodated us last time; so if you’re interested, let me know by Monday 9th February, and I’ll try to book the dates. I’m going to try to keep the fee at EC$50 per hour and do two hour sessions each time. We’ll be covering different themes, doing writing practice, and engage in critiques. Contact me if you want to be in.


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