What inspires your writing… it’s a question I get a lot…and it’s a question that still often stumps me…the answer too abstract and paradoxically too specific to pin down…is “everything…life” abstract enough for you?…is “the unexpected vitriolic verbal attack thrown at me earlier tonight by the man who aggressively banged down my door like I owed him money” (I didn’t) specific enough for you?…because I have no doubt that it will turn up somewhere…if not as a specific incident then the rage I felt, the go eff yourselfness that I felt in the moment will feed some other moment on the page …I don’t know this for a fact, of course, but I can take an experiential guess…because that’s what I do, I process things through my writing…I try to understand things through my writing…

(Like how, in the case of Musical Youth , shadeism/colourism can lie dormant within us even when we think we’re socially aware and self-accepting due to patterns of self-abnegation that took root on the plantation; like whether sisters as different as Selena and Celia in Dancing Nude in the Moonlight, or Nikki and Audrey in Oh Gad! can overcome their differences and the ways they hurt each other; like how to process anger at God in the face of enormous grief when you’ve been taught that that such anger is blasphemy – Vere has such a moment in The Boy from Willow Bend)

…and I try to let go of things, too…and chances are if I didn’t have my writing there might be a lot more go eff yourselfs floating around.


3 thoughts on “Processing/Life

  1. It’s always amazing to see the philosophy behind someone’s writing, so specific to every writer, it’s awesome really.

    As for the nutty entitled folks out there, I find sometimes a liberal does of “Go eff yourself” is quite in order. But only sometimes.

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