Jhohadli Writing Project Next Workshop: Taking Your Shot

“…unfortunately, your entry was not selected…”

“We very much regret…”

“…unfortunately, your submission doesn’t feel like a good fit for…”

Sound familiar?

If you’re a writer submitting, you’ve received some version of this. And, if you’re anything like me, sometimes they hit you hard. Rejections are a part of the writing life, though, and should never stop us from trying.

My next workshop – coupled with follow up coaching – will aim to get participants to commit to submitting at least one piece before the end of the year.

The workshop will include suggested markets, writing exercises to get you started on your writing goal, and guidelines, with examples, for submitting to journals or contests. The follow up coaching will include me nagging you (as I said at the recent Wadadli Pen awards ceremony, nagging can be a good thing, if it gets you moving); and providing feedback re your work in progress as well as advice re revising the piece. This will require a month long commitment – a minimum of one group session, three weeks of personalized coaching.

I don’t offer guarantees of acceptance; if I could I’d be published in every publication to which I submitted. But I have been published in some, and, as for the others, picking myself up and trying again and again is the only way I know to get over the fear of submission and the hump of rejection. This goal driven engagement of one month, with the option to extend, can do the same for you.

Contact me to discuss rates and explore ways of participating (wherever you are).

Proposed workshop date: Saturday 2nd May 2015.


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