So, you want to be a Writer…

So you want to be a writer. Be prepared to be hungry. Be prepared for the doubt that will gnaw at you like Jaws, fangs sharpened ready to sink into any weak spot. Be prepared for the blood you will spill, some of it your own. Be prepared for the loneliness and the long nights and the ghosts that will haunt you. Be prepared for people side eyeing your choices – “she could’ve been a lawyer…” though you can’t think of a worse fate (no disrespect to lawyers, it’s just not your passion). Be prepared for the moments you’ll want to kick yourself for giving up control of your destiny to something as disorderly as a passion (and one that doesn’t guarantee orgasmic highs…but then again, what passion does?). Be prepared for the moments you’ll be absolutely certain that certainly you must be mad because who but a madwoman would subject herself to this, this life of stops and starts and twists and turns and sprained ankles and bumped heads and a growing worry that at the end of it, you’ll be flat on your back.
So you want to be a writer. The angel of pure thoughts tells me to be straight with you. Tell you you better have a fallback position (which isn’t untrue), tell you that writing is a vampire that will take everything if you let it (which is…true), a fairweather lover giving only as he sees fit and never when you really need it (well…).
The demon angel has other thoughts.
She believes in wishes and dreams, revels at sunsets and the night’s first star, she dances….and wants you to know what it feels like to dance like no one is looking. She’s supposed to tell you don’t do it, but dammit, she can’t because she believes following your passion straight to heartbreak if that’s where it leads beats clocking in and clocking out. She wants you to know that she likes the sound of the word free and that when she so much as thinks it she sees a girl spinning in tall grass and wants to be that girl.
So, when it comes to it she can’t, won’t, say don’t be a writer; she will say instead to trust your voice, trust your instincts, embrace the journey; and don’t hesitate in doing so. She will tell you that in spite of everything she wishes she’d done it sooner, that she doesn’t look back regretting the things she’s done only the things she hasn’t. She’ll tell you that your journey need only make sense to you and sometimes not even then, but it should be your journey. She’ll tell you if you have a dream, if you have a passion, don’t drag your feet to the dance floor, get on it and dance.

So today’s prompt was Well, I Never… and this is what I wrote.


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