This is a sort of do-it-yourself crowdfunding initiative in support of the Jhohadli Summer Youth Project 2015. Want to see it happen? This is all about how you can be a part of making it happen.

The Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project was first held in August 2013. Founded and facilitated by me, Antiguan and Barbudan author Joanne C. Hillhouse, it offered the opportunity to young writers (teens and pre-teens) in Antigua and Barbuda to participate free of cost in a weeklong writing camp. Participating campers were sponsored by members of the business community.

Rather than approach specific local businesses this time around, I’m putting out this open call to any individual or entity, local or beyond, who wants to support this project.

Full disclosure – unlike my other youth literary project, the Wadadli Youth Pen Prize, the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing Project is not voluntary. The funds raised are meant to cover my time prepping and running the workshop, bringing my expertise as a professional writer and editor, workshop facilitator and writing coach to the process. They are also meant to cover any other expenses related to running the camp. In 2013, this included printing costs (for handouts), stationary purchases, snacks (meals were not provided), transportation and communication costs, and other incidentals – I was lucky, thanks to an arrangement with Silston Library, not to have to factor in venue and group transportation costs (our daily field trips around the city were on foot). I did everything I could to keep the cost down and in every way possible, including location,  ensured that anyone who was genuinely interested could participate irrespective of their financial means.

I would endeavor to make it as accessible this time around.

But at this point, whether or not the Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing project 2015 edition comes to be is entirely dependent on if the necessary funds can be raised. In other words, it’s up to you.

I’m as nervous about posting this as I was about my first posting for the 2013 Jhohadli Summer Youth Writing project. But feel the fear, do it anyway, right? So, I’ll be promoting this crowdfunding invitation through May 31st 2015 after which I will make a decision either way.

For blogged reports of the 2013 camps, including participant reviews, go here.

For FAQs and my Contact information, go Here.



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