Be Innovative, Be Deliberate, Be Happy (my TEDx Antigua Barbuda blog) – Part 3

Broken into a few parts due to length

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Well, Lia (Nicholson) had a charge for us, take that culture of innovation and turn it to the environmental challenges of our day, because just like the gully inching toward the foundation of the house of one of her case studies, it’s creeping up on us and when it hits home, it will shake our very foundation.

The sub-text here is that we cannot afford to be as short sighted as we have been in terms of development, backfilling water ways and then wondering why we’re being flooded out of our homes etc. Lia, socially conscious as she is, made the salient point that these environmental effects are not felt equally, there is an economic component to a person’s ability to insulate herself from the effects. I use herself there deliberately as Lia pointed out that forty percent of households in Antigua are female run and across the board women are in lower paying jobs and are less able to access credit – who says there are no feminist battlegrounds left in Antigua…here’s one and it’s an environmental battle as well. The battlegrounds are also related to other consequences of environmental mismanagement such as health, such as insurance, such as money. Too many, Lia pointed out, are one natural disaster away from falling below the poverty line – bringing environmental issues a little too close for comfort.

And so we need to innovate – and innovation isn’t just about new technologies, she reminded, it’s about taking in the lessons of the past, tweaking and adapting as necessary.

Sifu Jurey Gomes with Calypso Joe. Images courtesy TEDx Antigua.

Sifu Jurey Gomes with Calypso Joe. Images courtesy TEDx Antigua.

Sifu Jurey Gomes

I must make apologies here; I learned I am poor student when it comes to meditative exercises. Gomes’ backstory of coming back to life from a debilitating diagnosis is inspiring, however, and certainly proves the strength of what he tried to pass on, even to hard headed people like me.

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