Many sides to a single story

Wadadli Pen

Sara speaks to how while reading Considering Venus, a book by an Antiguan writer, she had difficulty getting in to it not because of deficiencies in the story and the writing but because of how little she related to it. Reasonable. We’re drawn to the familiar. She further writes that After considering the privilege of being able to pick up any number of books that reflected her/world, it got her ruminating on why diversity matters…I agree 150 thousand percent that there is not enough diversity in publishing (and that there should be for many reasons, including ones touched on by Chimamanda Adichie in her TED talk on the danger of a single story)…diversity matters… but I have to say as well that growing up, I couldn’t wait to hang with Fern, Jo March and her sisters, Judy Blume’s Margaret, Bronte’s Jane, Scout and so many other heroines from other places…

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