This Emmy voting is harder than it looks

UPDATE:  I actually didn’t see much more of the Emmys than Regina King CLAIMING her win (hello! felt like I’d won something!) …I was at the Brooklyn Book Festival at the time. But let’s see what if anything I got right.
Outstanding Drama Series – CALLED IT
Outstanding Comedy Series – Veep – CALLED IT
Outstanding Actress in a Comedy series – “Selina Meyer” – (HALF) CALLED IT
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama series – Peter Dinklage – CALLED IT
Outstanding Mini Series – Oliver Kitteridge – CALLED IT
Television Movie – Bessie – CALLED IT
Variety Talk – The Daily Show with Jon Stewart – CALLED IT
Variety Sketch – Inside Amy Schumer – CALLED IT (SORTA)
Reality Competition – The Voice – CALLED IT (SORTA-ISH)
Reality Host – Jane Lynch – CALLED IT
…annnnd, yep, those are the ones I called…like I said, harder than it looks (see the full list of winners here)…and I’ll just end my Emmy update post by dropping this right here:


Okay, Television Academy, you’ve made your nominations. I don’t have a vote but I can tell you my picks now.

Veep – because it makes me LOL… disclaimer: I’ve only ever watched three of the other nominees – Louie a couple of times (though the clips I’ve seen of Louis online – talk show appearances, standup, SNL – have struck me as mostly funny and irreverent), Modern Family regularly (but mostly in re-runs so I have no idea if the new episodes hold up), and Parks and Rec semi-regularly, well, mostly when it first came out…but Amy Poehler rocks!

Game of Thrones…noooo, not because it’s the only one I’ve watched (though it is)… but because this last season was pretty even with some serious stole my breath, yes, you did, moments. No love for Empire or Walking Dead though, huh, Academy?

Limited Series…hmmm…I actually haven’t seen any of these…so, what, point and choose?…eenie meenie?…actually, you know what I’m going to go with Olive Kitteridge because Frances McDormand (oh, you betcha, yeah) #Fargoreference…oh like some of the Emmy voters don’t use the same system. Don’t judge me.

Actor in a Drama series…you know what, I’m going to go with Liev Schrieber as Ray Donovan…he does bring intensity to that role…and Lucius Lion wasn’t nominated, so…

Lead Actress, oh Academy you’re so unfair, Orphan Black, Viola….aaaargh it’s too hard…okay, Cookie it is because Taraji took a role that could have been clichéd and gave it nuance while owning every damn scene she was in. She is Empire’s MVP and like Cookie she is a hustla! And Taraji’s been in the game a minute, give her her props.

Limited series male…limited series male…I honestly have no dog in this one…haven’t seen…and none of the nominees are jumping out at me for the well I liked them anyway in that other thing vote.

Lead actress in a Limited series…come on now, the Queen, she stepped into Bessie’s skin like it was her own…it was a very brave performance. Loved it. Glad to see her in the line-up among some very strong contenders. Better give her the Emmy though.

Lead actor in a Comedy series…hmmm…never seen Last Man Standing or Transparent, not a fan of House of Lies, can’t really think of Shameless and its perpetual pile on of ….uh…drama…as a comedy, Matt was my least favourite Friend, which leaves Louis and Anthony…yeah, it’ll probably go to Louis…I don’t watch that either though I’ve enjoyed his stand up…I have watched Black-ish on and off (even blogged about it when it started) but never really committed…I think Anthony’s a dark horse here. But, hey, you never know.

Lead actress in a Comedy…as with Shameless I don’t really think of Nurse Jackie as a comedy (and I really think of her Oz prison warden character every time I see Edie Falco…sigh…I miss Oz…the underappreciated, undeservedly unheralded male Orange is the New Black from like 15 years ago…where was I…Oh, yeah), I liked the Comeback when it was first on but now inexplicably find the character’s voice kind of grating …hmmm I like Lily (not in this, I haven’t seen this) and Amy’s the current it-girl (I like some of her stuff…but then other stuff, meh)… give it to the original Amy or Julia and I’m good…Leslie Knope and Selina Meyer, both ridiculous and ambitious and hilarious.

Best supporting actor, drama – Peter Dinklage all the way…alluring …with acting skills as big as the Mountain.

Best supporting actress, drama – well, the fact that I hate Cersei so much…and then kind of felt sorry for her during her long walk of shame…and then kind of scared for her enemies at the look on her face at the end when you could begin to see her planning retribution …yeah, Lena’s good …Game of Thrones for the win.

Best supporting actor, comedy – this is tough one, Andre Braugher is so amusingly effective playing the same kind of deadpan hard-ass he played on Homicide but for comedic effect, Ty Burrell is Phil Dunphy and Phil Dunphy is what I love most about Modern Family, and I’m not sure which one is Tony Hale but all those guys on Veep are funny…but you know what Keegan-Michael Key (though it’s not fair he’s nominated solo when Key and Peele is all about how well these guys play off of each other)… it’s enough to make Luther angry….grrr…

Best supporting actress, comedy…hmmm Anna Chlumsky or Julie Bowen…they both do that contained frustration leading up to an epic explosion so comedically well. Wait, is Kate McKinnon the one on SNL who does both Hilary Clinton and Justin Bieber (her Bieber is fall out funny)…gotta give it up for that kind of range.

Best supporting actor, limited series – I’m going to have to go Bessie on this one.

Best supporting actress, limited series – Bessie. Actually Monique…hers was the one name I cooped the list for because if they hadn’t nominated her…oooh….

Television movie… Bessie.

Are you sensing a theme here?

Reality competition…Project Runway or the Voice…either one I don’t really care.

Host … *shrug* Jane Lynch?

Variety Talk? The Daily Show with Jon Stewart …Last Week Tonight with Jon Oliver is fresh…but because he’s fresh he’ll have other chances…give it to Jon for always doing comedy with ….purpose and perspective. Gonna miss him.(so, of course, I chose this clip for the Dinklage)

Variety sketch…Key and Peele…hella funny and satirical…and edgy… but yeah Amy’ll probably get it… it girl, remember?

Guest actor – Beau Bridges, Masters of Sex…I think.

Hmmm…I wonder if this is where actual Emmy voters start to run out of steam…because…yeah…what’s next?

Guest actress – okay, let’s see, I’ve been meaning to watch The Americans but I can’t vote for it based on that…can I??…I love Cicely Tyson but I haven’t watched How to Get A way with Murder past like episode… 1, 2 maybe… who did Allison Janney play in Masters of Sex… liked her on West Wing…don’t like Mom…not the point…hmmmm…yeah, I’m going to go with the Queen of Thorns, the only one to go toe to toe (i.e. barbed word for barbed word) with the Queen Regent…plus *spoiler alert* she conspired to have Joffrey killed… yes, Diana Rigg for the Game of Thrones must be rewarded for ridding us of the petulant and sociopathic boy king.

Guest Actor, Comedy – Louis CK on SNL

Guest Actress, Comedy… I give… eeenie meenie miney moe… Elizabeth Banks on Modern Family it is.

The End (wow, this is harder than it looks).
Oh, please, like the actual voting goes much differently…


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