Antiguan (An-tee-gan) Aid To Dominica (Dom-in-eee-ka) Post-Erika: How You Can Help

The diaspora in Antigua & Barbuda is co-ordinating the relief effort to assist Dominica following the devastation caused by Tropical Storm Erika.

Images from the Antigua Dominica Relief Fund facebook page.

Images from the Antigua Dominica Relief Fund facebook page.


(268) 481-1609/723-4877

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11951387_825743644212095_1632440706139693233_nJCI Antigua has recognized the unpredictable devastation that the Commonwealth of Dominica has suffered as a result of Tropical Storm Erika.

The organization is mobilizing a national relief effort in partnership with DJ Jime Hunte to assist our neighbouring island in this great time of need.

The success of Project Aide Dominica is dependent on the support of all relevant stakeholders in Antigua & Barbuda and in that regard we sincerely hope that you can join us in our efforts in giving a helping hand.

Items needed:

– Basic medical supplies ( crepe bandages 7.5 cm, sterile absorbent cotton and gauze, sterile dressing packs, plaster for wound dressings, water purification tablets, sterile gloves [7, 7.5, 8, 8.5], non sterile gloves

– Non perishable food items

– Diapers (for babies & senior citizens)

– Baby formula & juice

– Baby wipes

– Hand Sanitizer

– Hygiene & First Aid kits

– Feminine care products

– Toiletries

– School supplies

– Water

– Undergarments

– Clothes

– Shoes

If unable to donate tangible items Project Aide Dominica will also accept financial donations via our Antigua Commercial Bank Account #100000064 with account name JCI Antigua.

Drop off point is Christian and Associates office on Redcliffe Street….more will be added shortly to ensure the process is easy and seamless for the general public.

JCI Antigua can be contacted at 774-5145/ 776-0653 / 778 3880 / 720 3900 / 782 2744

Let us do whatever we can to help Dominica in their time of need. We are one Caribbean.

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