On the Hustle – the Mary Robinette Kowal project

Sharing this again to add this podcast link in which Mary discusses the making of the book: Of Noble Family in which I was involved as a consulting editor (which is the best way I can think to categorize my role on a project very unlike any project I’ve worked on before as an editor). It’s a very interesting discussion especially for those interested in the process of world building in fiction and for those interested in approaching another culture or history (outside of their known and/or comfort zone) in a real and respectful way. Your girl gets a shout out for her work on the project (was odd and interesting to hear Mary describe our exchanges). Here’s the link: http://www.writingexcuses.com/2015/05/31/writing-excuses-10-22-project-in-depth-of-noble-family/


“So, when I decided to set a book with a lot of action in Antigua, I knew that I wanted to represent the Antiguan Creole English. I also knew, from having watched people mangle the Southern American English, that understanding the nuances was going to be really, really important and really, really hard.” – American author Mary Robinette Kowal.

When I saw MRK’s social media posting seeking someone to assist with research for the Antiguan sections of her book, I reached out with suggestions, and also to let her know about the types of services I provide. Turns out she wanted not so much a researcher but an editorial consultant with an intimate understanding of Antiguan culture – someone who could review her book with an eye for language issues and cultural nuances, and, though this was not the primary role, provide edit notes as necessary. It was a departure from the…

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